Thursday, 29 July 2010

PM's Unguarded Comments About Pakistan's Terrorist Links Reveal His Immaturity And Inexperience

The Prime Minister's remarks about Pakistan's association with terrorism say a great deal about him.

David Cameron's trip to India was supposed to promote better links between the two countries, but has instead caused a diplomatic spat with her Muslim neighbours.

Mr Cameron's defence that he is someone who is a straight-talker is simply lame and pathetic. He may have only been Prime Minister for a few weeks but he has been in the political spotlight for several years now as Conservative leader and should have sharper diplomatic skills.

Such provocative use of language illustrates that Cameron lacks the maturity that being in Government requires, never mind to maintain harmonious relations with other countries.

David Cameron is typical of many of his fellow MPs in the Conservative party. One could be forgiven for thinking that he actually believes that, having come from a very privileged background, it is his birthright to be Prime Minister, despite any furious protestations from him to the contrary.

But having led his party back to Government after 13 years in the wilderness of Opposition, it is shocking to see that, once in power, how gaffe-prone Cameron really is.

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