Saturday, 25 September 2010

Calls Grow For Labour To Adopt One Member One Vote In Leadership Elections

As we wait for the announcement today as to who the next leader of the Labour Party will be, there have been calls to change the system by which the holder of the top job is chosen.

Leadership candidate Andy Burnham has been amongst those calling for a change from the present system to One Member, One Vote.

And I agree.

Is it right that someone who is a member of the Party and also belongs to a number of trade unions should have several votes whilst others have just one?

That's hardly democratic.

Jack Dromey, for example, has been a union leader for many years as well as Party Treasurer, so he has more than one vote.

We need to move away from this out-dated method of choosing the Labour Party leader.

I hope whoever is elected today will heed this call and promise to do just that.

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