Friday, 10 September 2010

Privatisation Of Royal Mail Announced

Business Secretary Vince Cable has today announced the Coalition's decision to press ahead with the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

This is something that has been mooted for a while, but has never been actioned. It is an appalling decision, and will no doubt lead to thousands of job losses and a complete fragmentation of the service.

Whatever the shortcomings of the Royal Mail, putting it into private hands, will mean that profit will come before delivery of service and the people will suffer. No doubt we will see a huge increase in the cost of sending letters and parcels.

What is even worse is Margaret Thatcher, who set about privatising every industry in sight, was very much against doing the same with the Royal Mail when she was Prime Minister.  She accepted that taking the postal service out of the public service would be far too complex a process and it was best left alone.

This Coalition is proving to be far more reactionary than Thatcher's government at every turn. 

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