Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Browne Report Opens Door To Two-Tier Higher Education


Lord Browne's long-awaited report into Higher Education funding has now been published.

As expected, he has recommended that the current cap on what Universities can charge students in tuition fees should be abolished.

Despite the fact that graduates will now not have to pay loans back until they are earning a salary of  £21,000, an increase from the current level of £15k,  there is no doubt what this change will mean.

We are heading towards a two-tier system of Higher Education; where those from  lower-income backgrounds could have to settle for studying at less-well funded institutions while access to the more prestigious, better funded places will become the preserve of only the very rich.

And whilst financial help will be available for those students from the lowest-income families, it will be the middle classes that don't qualify for assistance who will lose out and most likely be put off from going on to Higher Education altogether.

Once again, as was the case with the Child Benefit fiasco, this Coalition government is hitting their core supporters the hardest and it is those in the 'squeezed middle' who will suffer most.

It will be a very sad reflection on this country if, in the years to come, one can only get a decent degree if they can afford it.

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