Friday, 8 October 2010

Ed Miliband To Pick His Shadow Cabinet

So the party has spoken.  The Shadow Cabinet has been elected. There are more David Milidand supporters than expected and some surprising omissions - Ben Bradshaw, Shaun Woodward, and Peter Hain to name but a few.

Fellow leadership contender Diane Abbott unsurprisingly, also failed to make it. 

This is Ed Miliband's new generation, where the Party has gone for youth over experience.

The big question is who he will pick for the key post of Shadow Chancellor.  I am hoping it is not Ed Balls.  He represents a strong link to the past and the conflicts of the Blair-Brown era, having been a major ally of Gordon Brown.

Yvette Cooper is the most obvious choice.  She combines youth and experience and has topped the Shadow Cabinet election poll.

Ed needs a team that represents a party remaining on the centre ground. That is how elections are won. 

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