Friday, 29 October 2010

Child Benefit Changes Branded Uninforceable As Well As Unfair.

The Coalition's much-maligned changes to Child Benefit have privately been deemed as unworkable by Treasury officials.

The Treasury have said that fines will be issued to parents who fail to declare their full earnings.

However, despite the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander dismissing such reports as nonsense,  is believed that some civil servants believe that because claimants are under no obligation to declare Child Benefit, the changes recently announced affecting higher-rate tax payers will be very difficult to police.

Reports suggest that some in the Treasury think the plans are simply unworkable and will eventually be abandoned.

And Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson said the row about the plans was "what you get when you stumble in, incompetently, into interfering with a universal benefit".

These proposals have been a disaster right from the start, beginning with the botched announcement at the Tory Conference and the revelations of how unfair they will be on single-parent households. 

They really expose the inefficiency of a highly-incompetant government.

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