Sunday, 3 October 2010

Why Baroness Warsi Is Wrong About Labour's Policies Towards Ethnic Minorities

Prime Minister David Cameron today tried to inject some positive spin on the effect the imminent cuts in public spending will have on the worse off in our country.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, he tried to allay people's fears by saying that the cuts won't be as bad as the public think. 

Compare this tone with that of the speech from Sayeeda Warsi, the Party Chairman who struck completely the opposite note.

Her speech attacking Labour's record in helping ethnic minorities showed that the PM is saying one thing and members of his cabinet are saying another.

I respect Baroness Warsi.

She is one of the few politicians who is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks.

However, in her opening speech to this year's Conservative Party conference - the Party's first in government for 14 years - Baroness Warsi accuses Labour, whilst in power, of not looking after ethnic minorities in general and the Asian community in particular.

By saying this, the Conservative Party Chairman is actually being very divisive.  Such negative comments will only serve to make the Asian community feel even more alienated from the rest of the British population than some do already.

Baroness Warsi is now in government.  The negative rhetoric that may be acceptable whilst in opposition, will no longer sit easily with people looking to her to take the lead.

I would like to see some positive suggestions from the Conservative Party on how to further bridge differences between people of various backgrounds.

After all, isn’t this Coalition supposed to be working in the national interest?

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