Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Can Anything Else Go Wrong For This ConDem Coalition?


We are barely a few weeks into the life of this new Coalition and already there have been a catalogue of problems.

Within days of taking office, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, David Laws, is forced to resign because of a sex scandal.

Then we had Michael Gove's botched announcement of which schools were going to be hit by the scrapping of Labour's Building Schools for the Future scheme.

Next, the Prime Minister puts his foot in it big-time by accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism, whilst on a visit to India, her most bitter political rival

Now it has become clear that very few schools want to become self-governing academies.

This Government is engaging in change for change's sake in the all the institutions that form the bedrock of British society - the NHS, Schools, the Police, with surely others to follow.

These are changes that are based on Tory dogma and a dislike of big government, rather than the benefit of the British public.

And the Liberal Democrats are following along behind like brainless poodles.

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