Monday, 30 August 2010

Time For Mandelson To Pass The Baton On Gracefully

I think Peter Mandelson should be given credit where credit is due; he was highly instrumental in bringing Labour out of the wilderness to victory in 1997.

However, it is now time to allow the next generation to decide the next stage in the Party's future. To me, there is no sense in still attempting to cling on to the distinction between 'Old' and 'New' Labour.

Both Ed and David Miliband have spoken of the need to reconnect with Labour's core supporters and focus on why they have lost so many voters since 1997. 

The Party needs someone who can get their message across effectively and take this dreadful coalition to task in the best possible way. 

So far, to me, it is Ed Miliband who seems to have the qualities required to return Labour to power at the next election. 

Lord Mandelson's latest comments are unhelpful and will only give fuel to the fire of a scandal-hungry press anxious to turn the Leadership contest into a duel between personalities, rather than a healthy discussion about the future direction of the Labour Party and how they can get back into Government when the UK next goes to the polls.

It is time for him to step aside gracefully and give others a chance to have their say. 

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