Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hughes Calls For Lib Dem Policy Veto As Coalition Marks 100 Days In Power

The Liberal Democrats are calling for the right of their MPs to veto unpopular policies being proposed by the Coalition.

These are being led by new deputy leader, Simon Hughes, who has always been on the left of the party, so they won't come as a huge surprise to Westminster. And they come as the Coalition marks 100 days since taking office.

One sees a party that has spent decades on the Opposition benches abandoning all its principles having now tasted power. Opinion polls reflect how unpopular the Lib Dems now are following their agreement to share power with the Conservatives.  The most recent survey has put their popularity as low as 8%.

The two parties have agreed to work together on bringing down the huge budget deficit that this country has been left with and that spending cuts are the only way forward.

However Mr Hughes' intervention begs the question of what will happen when the spending cuts start to bite and the Coalition becomes extremely unpopular, as it no doubt will.

At what point should the Lib Dems be at liberty to say no to policies they really don't like and effectively bring down the Coalition?

I am sure that it not just Mr Hughes who is asking themselves that question.

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