Friday, 20 August 2010

Clegg Living In Cuckoo Land As He Dismisses Damage To Lib Dems

Does Nick Clegg really believe the Liberal Democrats have not been damaged by entering a coalition with the Conservatives?

It is clear that Labour have been the main beneficiary of Mr Clegg's Party joining the Tories in government as polls show that they have received a huge surge in members since the election in May.

And now Clegg is saying that failure to secure a new voting system will not mean the end of the Coalition.  Will the Party's grassroots really be able to stomach that. 

Labour leadership contender David Miliband has quite rightly said that he would not work with Clegg if there was a hung parliament after the next election.

He and his Party have sold out on so many issues that the Liberal Democrats hold dear that it would be impossible to work with them under such circumstances. 

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