Thursday, 5 August 2010

PM's Fixed Council Tenancy Proposals Are Riddled With Flaws,+Thu+5th+Aug+2010&tmtid=33832-2870-6-1-1297

This article sets out perfectly the arguments against abolishing the right of council tenants to a home for life.

The most worrying aspect of the Prime Minister's latest big idea is that giving people council homes for only a fixed period will act as a complete disincentive to finding work. People will now be worried that if they get a job  they will lose their home and be forced move in to one in the private sector and could find themselves suddenly unable to afford to pay rent.

What level of income will be deemed enough for someone to live on in the commercial market?

In my mind, these proposals will make people want to remain unemployed and have not been thought out.

David Cameron is shooting from the hip once again.

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